We are an American pastry company with a family tradition based in Mallorca

Beinetti is synonimous of a smile

Did you know? It’s on the dictionary, but just the ones that have tried our cakes know that it’s so.

Postres Beinetti arrived to Mallorca Island in 1999, long time ago, right? Since then we have been delivering sweet and smiles wherever we go.  

We wanted to keep our american essence, where each recipe comes from, but with a Mediterranean pinch. 

As good pastry masters, we are always happy to receive personalized orders and make that celebration even more special. So if you’re thinking of something and you’re not sure, ask us!

Daniel Beinetti

After having two master makers at home, my mum and grandmother, made me to fall in love with the beauty of process of each piece.
The story begins there, where the passion, magic and the creativity besides the family tradition that pass through from parents to children, that’s Beinetti. 

«I think that the desserts are like the dreams that make happy to the people»

~ Anonimous

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If you liked our story  & you already  know about us and you would like to try the product or you haven’t done it yet, don’t hesitate! Contact us to try it and smile with Beinetti.

Nowadays we are in different stores but we would love to spread Beinetti’s spirit to share sweet moments together. Do you think that our product can be in your store?  Contact us and we will send you all the informtion.

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