Desserts with american essence

Beinetti is a sweet story of an American family that started three generations ago. They have travelled from one country to another to bring us the most delicious handmade desserts. The Mediterranean breeze has brought us where we are now 20 years ago.

From Mallorca we want to bring a pinch of sweetness to every family and celebrate together each special occasion!


Beinetti is synonimous of a smile

Postres Beinetti arrived to Mallorca Island in 1999, long time ago, right? Since then we have been delivering sweet and smiles wherever we go.  

Our menu

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Customize your cakes

❝ What people say about us ❞

Gran servicio!

Están deliciosas todas las porciones de tarta que probamos. El trato excelente.

Toni Estarellas Cabot

¡Nunca fallan!

Hace años que conozco sus postres, pero hoy quiero agradecerles la tarta tan bonita de comunión que hicieron para mi niña. Muchísimas gracias, era preciosa y sabia increíble. Nunca defraudan. 100%recomendables.

Encarni Lliteras Marín

Best taste and best look

Cakes and sweets are divine in this bakery. I won´t miss ordering a special cake with personal decoration – they are real artists at Beinetti! Top!

Simone S
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